Tatitlek Shareholder Services
Shareholder Services - last updated on 09/14/2011

Welcome to Tatitlek Shareholder Services!

The Tatitlek Corporation (TTC) has continued its tremendous success through a combination of effective leadership, tenacity, and hard work.  It is imperative that TTC make every effort to ensure that this success translates into the very best shareholder services, including: employment prospects, educational opportunities, and shareholder support.  It is in this interest that TTC is very pleased to announce the establishment of a Shareholder Services Department.


The Shareholder Services Department is a collaborative effort between the Anchorage based Office of the Chairman and the long established Cordova TTC office.  With this organization, the Shareholder Services Department will maximize its efficiency and ties to TTC business structure, while drawing from the history and insight of Cordova TTC office staff.  This synergy will allow the Shareholder Services department to undertake a number of new initiatives, in addition to improving services currently provided to shareholders. 


Thank you all for your time, attention, and support of the Shareholder Services Department.  TTC is confident that Shareholder Services will continue to be a vitally important part of our shareholders lives, as well as the TTC organization as a whole!


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